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We invite you to savor the richness of Japan's traditions and beauty by joining Junko Sophie Kakizaki for an enchanting tea ceremony experience!

She will kindly guide you step by step throughout the workshop in English. Also teach you how to make your own delicious matcha tea.

Definitely a once in a lifetime kind of experience you will only able to experience.

We hold workshops at several  beautiful places in Kyoto.

Please contact us for your preferred date and time, as location arrangements vary.



  • Experience Japanese culture through quiet and traditional Kyoto

  • Private incense tea experience with a view of the garden

  • Experience led by descendent of ancient Samurai family, Junko Sophie Kakizaki who will guide you through the journey

  • Teach what I taught at Japanese cultural events sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

What's included in the experience

  • All fees for 1 to 2 people <Additional participants USD 50 / Maximum 5 people>

  • Tea & Sweets

Why our tea ceremony experience, especially at HAKUSASONSO is more expensive than others?

1. HAKUSASONSO's tea room rental fee is much higher than other ones.
2. The experience is held in one of the hidden locations in Kyoto, where tourists and even Kyoto locals can rarely experience a tea ceremony there. The tea room is not open to the public and Kyoto's invitation only culture.
3. You can enjoy the tea ceremony experience while admiring the spectacular garden view from the tea room.
4.Encountering quiet Kyoto and authentic Japanese culture. The quiet place, even though it is located near the tourist attraction as Silver Pavilion and Philosopher's Path.
5. The garden, designed by HASHIMOTO KANSETSU, one of the most famous painters of the 20th century, has been selected as a national place of scenic beauty.
6. There is an art museum in the garden, where you can look at his art works of HASHIMOTO KANSETSU.
7. A favorite place of Ryuichi Sakamoto and successive French Presidents.
8. While other tea rooms in Kyoto allow visitors to stay only one hour, Hakusasnso allows visitors to enjoy the garden and museum until 17:00.

Request / Inquiry

Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your preferred location or date, and we will contact you shortly.

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