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Japanese garden

Our Philosophy

To nurture the spirit and create new value through the profound spirit and beauty of traditional Japanese culture.

Our Vision

 To bring a pleasant change to people around the world through the appeal of traditional Japanese culture and beauty, and to expand the circle of empathy and enlightenment.

​Our Mission

To provide spiritual beauty and enrichment through content and activities centered on traditional Japanese culture and beauty, to pass it on to the next generation, and to lead innovation.

Core Values

Respect and Legacy:

We respect traditional culture and our responsibility to pass on its values to the next generation.

Creation and Collaboration:

Create new ideas and values through collaboration from a global perspective.

Deepening and Awareness:

We seek deeper awareness and growth through learning and insight from traditional cultures.


Management Policy

Encourage innovative transmission:

While respecting the essence of traditional culture, we encourage initiatives to pass it on to the next generation through new perspectives and methods.


Creative Collaboration:

Taking traditional craftsmanship to new heights by collaborating with luxury brands and top creators.


Delivering Comforting Beauty:

Nurturing people's spirit and sense of beauty through traditional Japanese culture and beauty, and bringing about pleasant change.

Logo Of Maison de Kakizaki

About the logo

The KAKIZAKI family has its roots in Kyoto over 1000 years ago,

As Samurai, the head family moved to Akita Prefecture

about 600 years ago.

I am who I am today because my ancestors have been passed down from generation to generation.

I should always remember to be grateful.

With this in mind, I chose my family's crest of "five and three paulownia" as our logo.

The signature color is a Japanese cherry blossom,

and the blue of the "Hotel Ritz" in Paris, which is always my temple of beauty.

Maison de Kakizaki LLC


Kitakanayamada-cho Yamashina-ku Kyoto City, Kyoto 6078472 Japan


September 2022


Junko Sophie Kakizaki


Lectures, Consulting, Creative and Artistic Direction, Writing


Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, GMO Aozora Net Bank




1 million Yen



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